Pultruded Composite Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Deck
Pultruded Composite Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Deck

Pultruded Composite Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Deck

FRP pultruded deck offers strength, rigidity, and high load capacity, it has a very high percentage of fiberglass in the composite matrix. It can support heavier loads and long spans than comparable sized open molded fiberglass grating.
  • Product quality has passed ISO, GB/T, EN131, etc.
  • Product style supports customized service.
  • Provide 24-hour online technical support.

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Product Details:

FRP deck planks are produced by a pultrusion process. Compared to other materials such as steel and aluminum, pultrusion materials are easier to design, lighter, longer lasting and safer. FRP deck planks have higher corrosion resistance to highly corrosive seawater than other materials such as steel and aluminum.

Thanks to its lightweight, it can be installed smoothly even in remote areas where heavy machinery cannot be used. Our frp deck planks are light but strong enough so there is no need to worry about that heavy vehicles couldn't pass over them. 

In the next few years, the boardwalk built by frp deck planks is still beautiful and does not require routine maintenance like other boardwalk materials.

Product Description:

Specification FRP Pultruded Floorig Panel Deck Board
Production Technique Pultrusion process
Surface Treatment Smooth,paint or Customer request
Material Composition Fiberglass roving,fiberglass mat,resin,filler
Resin Type Orthophthalic resin(GP)Isophthalic resin(ISO)Vinyl ester resin(VE)Phenolic resin(PH)
Surface Material Polyester mat,Needled mat,Continuous strand mat,Composite mat
Application Aerospace, military, construction, chemical processing, electricity, infrastructure, healthcare, mining, oil extraction, rail transit, parks, exhibitions, transportation


Application Scenarios of FRP Deck


Fiberglass decks for seaside use
Fiberglass decks for seaside use


Fiberglass decks for walkways
Fiberglass decks for walkways
Fiberglass deck for swimming pool
Fiberglass deck for swimming pool
Fiberglass decks for balconies
Fiberglass decks for balconies
FRP decks used in high-altitude platforms
FRP decks used in high-altitude platforms
Fiberglass decks used in factories
Fiberglass decks used in factories



FRP Deck Board Main Features:


Safety: Chemical resistant,anti-conrrosion,anti-alkali,anti-slip,anti-aging,all those traits promises our FRP grating with high safety.

Stability: Expansion and constraction is 24%and 50% less than aluminum and steel ,providing greater dimensional stability.

Durability: Superior durability to stainless steel ,Aluminum,and Galvanized Gratings,especially in highly corrosive environmrnts.

Strength: 50% higher tensile strength than hot rolled steel and better impact resistance.


FRP Deck Board Performance Index:


Property TEST Method Units Mean-Value lw/cw
Tensile Strength ASTM D638/GB1447--83 MPa 210/75
Tensile Modulus ASTM D638/GB1447--83 GPa 10 / 22
Flexural Streng ASTM D790/GB1449--83 MPa 302/76
Flexural Modules ASTM D790/GB1449--83 GPa 18.6/7.2
Compressive Streng ASTM D695/GB1448--83 MPa 258/98
Compressive Modules ASTM D695/GB1448--83 GPa 19.2/7.2
Interlaminar Shea(LW) ASTM D2344/GB3357--82 MPa 24.5
Charpy Impact Strengh ISO179/GB1451--83 KJ/m 279
Barcol Hardness ASTM D2583 - 50
Elongation to break ASTM D638/GB1447--83 % 0.9
Water Absorption(MAX) ASDN D570/GB1462 % 0.57
Density ASTM D792 g/cm3 1.8
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ASTM D696/GB2572--82 10-6/ºC 5.1
()Flammability Classification UL94/GB8924--88 - VO(32)
Tunel Test ASTM E--84 - 25Max
Flammability Extinguishing ASTM D635 - self extinguishing
Arc Resistance(LW) ASTM D495/GB1411--78 /(s) 120
Dielectric Constant(PF) ASTM D150/GB1409--79 @60Hz 5
Dielectric Strength(PF) ASTM D149/GB1408--78 KV/mm 8
Dielectric Strength(LW) ASTM D149/GB1408--78 KV/mm 1.6
Surface Resistance ASTM D257/GB1410--78 Ω 1015-1012
Volume Resistance ASTM D257/GB1410--78 Ω.cm 1015-1012
Remarks LW= lengthwise,CW= crosswise,PF= perpendicularlaminate face


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