fiber reinforced polymer,glass fiber reinforced polymers,glass reinforced plastics
pultrusion die process diagram
FRP pultruded profiles

FRP pultruded profiles

  • FRP I beam
  • FRP purlin
  • FRP Rod
  • FRP flat sheets
FRP molds

FRP molds

  • Vinyl pultrusion mold
  • Epoxy pultrusion mold
  • SMC BMC mold
Fiberglass Ladders

Fiberglass Ladders

  • Fiberglass Podium Ladder
  • Fiberglass Telescopic Ladder
  • Fiberglass Step Ladder

Henan Zhongsheng Composite Material Co., Ltd

Henan Zhongsheng Composite Materials Co.,Ltd (ZOSEN) was established in Henan, China at 2005, covering an area of 9500 M2 and have more than 200 employees. With experienced staff teams, advanced production lines and effective management system, We are currently concentrating on producing the highest quality and lowest cost FRP moulds and frp products. Main product series of Zhongseng: • 1. FRP pultrusion moulds • 2. FRP pultruded profiles • 3. FRP Gratings • 4. FRP Rebar • 5. FRP sheet piles • 6. Other FRP products As an ISO accredited company, Zhongsheng owns advantages of mature technology first class quality and competitive price. The design, production and quality service system of international standard, the price of localization and the punctual delivery, enable Zhongsheng and customers develop into a mutually beneficial system. We sincerely welcome guests from domestic and abroad to visit and cooperate with us!

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