Fiberglass Polymer Rebar, FRP Reinforced Rebar
Fiberglass Polymer Rebar, FRP Reinforced Rebar

Fiberglass Polymer Rebar, FRP Reinforced Rebar

The fiberglass rebar is made from high strength glass fibers along with extremely durable resin. The glass fibers impart strength to the rod while the resin imparts excellent corrosion resistance properties in harsh chemical and alkaline environments. FRP bar significantly improves the longevity of civil engineering structure.
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FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer) Rebar is a spiral wrapped structural reinforcing rod made from a combination of fiberglass roving and resin. FRP Rebar has been developed as a non-corrosive alternative to steel in concrete reinforcement and is suitable for any structural or architectural application where a material that is corrosion resistant, lightweight or non-conductive is required.



FRP Rebar Offers Many Benefits Over Standard Steel Rebar:
• Lightweight (1/4 the Weight vs. Steel Rebar)
• Non-Corrosive & Unsusceptible to Chemical Attack
• Radar Transparent
• Electrically & Thermally Non-Conductive

• Concrete Susceptible to Corrosion
• Tunneling & Mining
• Building & Historic Preservation
• Exposure of Concrete to De-Icing Chlorides
• Masonry Strengthening
• Exposure of Concrete to Marine Chlorides
• Exposure of Concrete to High Voltages & Electromagnetic Fields

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1) Non-corrosive

2) Tensile strength is more than twice that of steel

3) Non-metallic and non-conductive

4) Consistent modulus of elasticity

5) Deformation patterns are the same as with steel

6) Four times lighter than steel

7) Pre-fabricated ACI standard angles and bends available

8) Coefficient of thermal expansion more similar to concrete than that of steel

9) Direct production costs lower than similar steel bolt

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